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Recognizing that Pacific small island developing States share the same vulnerabilities as those of other small island developing States and are economically and ecologically fragile and vulnerable, while their small size, limited resources, geographic dispersion and 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 isolation from markets place them at a disadvantage economically and prevents economies of scale,

There is no comparable 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 offset in Europe, where taxes are almost exclusively paid to, and transfers received from, national governments.

The 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 İçyer decision adopted by the European Court of Human Rights on # anuary # recognized that the said Law constitutes an effective remedy at domestic level for persons seeking compensation from such damages

In general, this will be because those groups lack the necessary purchasing power to acquire the food that is produced or put on the market.

A total of 8 advisory missions and 11 workshops were undertaken to build and strengthen national capacity in the areas of trade 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 for development and regional integration, with particular emphasis on capacity-building assistance to member States and regional economic communities in the ongoing negotiations of economic partnership agreements between Africa and the European Union.

Takes note of the progress report on options for a future business 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 model for the United Nations Capital Development Fund in line with Executive Board decision

In connection with the implementation 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 of § # of the Gender Equality Act, the Association of Estonian Cities participates in an international project aimed at supporting local governments in the ratification and implementation of the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life

The United Kingdom has ratified the Convention on the Fight Against Corruption Involving Officials of the European Communities or Officials of Member States of the European Union.

The Latin American experience demonstrated that macroeconomic policies that focused too narrowly 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 on the fight against inflation and attracting capital flows were unable to generate sufficiently high tares of domestic investment, and that investment in infrastructure and strengthening of domestic institutions were essential.

k) The development of specific programmes addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS in the workplace, focusing in particular on discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS in the workplace and in the labour market. In Lebanon, the applicable labour laws ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS are protected against discrimination and arbitrary treatment

The Committee engaged in a dialogue 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 with the Special Rapporteur, in which the representatives of Italy (on behalf of the States Members of the United Nations that are members of the European Union), Canada, Mexico and Burkina Faso took part (see

The 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 State party points out that the European Court of Human Rights has affirmed that States parties retain the right to determine the means for the exercise of 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 the right to review, and may restrict such review to questions of law.

She reiterated that the European Union would prefer multi-year direct assessments as the simplest means of financing the project and was interested 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 in making the assessments broadly proportional to the amount needed in the different phases in order to avoid unnecessary payments in advance

The European Union has always recognized Israel’s legitimate concerns in this area, and wishes to stress its commitment with regard to Israel’s security.

This policy is clearly reflected in the organizational chart of the European Commission (EC) and embedded in the competencies of its Directorates General (DG) for Education and Culture, Interpretation (including training support for interpreters) and Translation.

We in Poland and Europe know from our own experience the value of this way of 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 resolving difficult social and political problems.

In the absence of other guidance from the Security Council, and following extensive consultations, it is my intention to reconfigure the structure and profile of the international civil presence to one that corresponds to the evolving situation in Kosovo and that enables the European Union to assume an enhanced operational role in Kosovo, in accordance with resolution

In its negotiations with the European Union, Turkey 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 could have insisted on ratification as one of the 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 conditions for its agreement to host the vast portion of the mass movement of persons across its borders, which would have resulted in a significant increase in 在EuroCapital体验安全透明的交易环境 ratifications.

Por trabajos por parte de Tesorería General de la republica hoy jueves 06/12 NO habrá servicio de pago desde las 20:00hrs hasta las 24:00. Lamentamos el inconveniente.

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n. 欧 通用支票

中国贸促会法律事务部投资仲裁案例课题成果选登(九十五)| 美国东方信贷公司等诉爱沙尼亚仲裁案

1994年8月12日,在爱沙尼亚中央银行(以下简称“爱沙尼亚央行”)组织的一场拍卖会上,爱沙尼亚创新银行(Estonian Innovation Bank,以下简称“EIB”)以300万爱沙尼亚克朗(Estonian kroons,以下简称“EEK”)的价格收购了已经资不抵债的爱沙尼亚社会银行(以下简称“社会银行”)的分支——Koidu分行。次日,EIB行长Peep Sillandi先生与社会银行的代表——爱沙尼亚央行副行长Vahur Kraft先生签署了Koidu分行销售协议。按照Kraft先生的指示,300万EEK由EIB支付给爱沙尼亚央行,而非社会银行。EIB作为依据爱沙尼亚法律注册成立的爱沙尼亚金融机构,在仲裁期间内的主要股东是欧洲资本公司(Eurocapital,指欧洲资本集团有限公司和欧洲资本集团公司,二者事实上是同一家公司)和本案仲裁另外两位申请人——A.S. Baltoil(以下简称“Baltoil公司”)和Eastern Credit Limited, Inc(以下简称“东方信贷公司”)。仲裁申请人之一亚历克斯金宁先生(以下简称“金宁先生”),是美国国民,也是EIB的董事长,东方信贷公司的所有者、总经理和唯一股东,欧洲资本公司(马恩岛公司,拥有EIB70%以上股份)已发行的不记名股票的受益所有人。第二位仲裁申请人东方信贷公司,是一家依据美国德克萨斯州法律注册成立的公司,由金宁先生个人所有。第三位仲裁申请人是Baltoil公司,是由东方信贷公司全资拥有的爱沙尼亚公司,因此实质上由金宁先生拥有。基本结构如图所示:


1995年1月9日,EIB向爱沙尼亚塔林市法院(以下简称“市法院”)起诉社会银行,但在1995年4月28日,双方达成庭外和解协议,约定EIB向社会银行转让约2100万EEK的Koidu分行资产,同时接受一笔约三年内分期、共1700万EEK左右的款项,这笔款项由社会银行总共约4700万EEK的贷款担保。1995年5月3日,市法院根据当事人庭外和解协议,确定EIB的损失为20,977,117 EEK,其中包括Koidu分行资产负债表中虚假资产约2,893,991 EEK,以及不良票据约18,083,126 EEK。但由于社会银行在签署庭外和解协议后不久就宣布破产,因此其只支付了约100万EEK,仍存在19,491,947 EEK的欠款。